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Cory Bateman

About Me

Hello. My name is . I am a 23 year old web developer and designer from the US. I love front end web development and Responsive Web Design.

I am a front end web developer for Vintage Software. I specialize in creating high performance responsive websites that work on all devices. I work daily with JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, Sass and HTML5. I currently work in the .NET environment with C#. Contact me on Twitter.

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I am currently studying for a Computer Information Systems major and Industrial Graphic Design minor. My Computer Information Systems major is a Computer Sciences degree focusing on programming and software development. My Industrial Graphic Design minor focuses on 2D/3D vector and raster graphics.

Academically I have studied in languages such as C++, C, Visual Basic and Java. I hope to learn many more new and exciting technologies as I learn and have more experiences.